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What the fascia? – why I love myofascial release work. 

As some of you know, I recently completed a training on myofascial release (‘MFR’) with the wonderful Tiffany Cruikshank of Yoga Medicine. It was a week of tremendous learning and (I don’t use this word lightly) inspiration, and has left me incredibly excited to incorporate more MFR (e.g. lying on blocks, balls, massage) into TPRYoga […]

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Sounds to live by: A Balinese Frog Chorus

Because it’s the simple things that say I love you: Here is a recording of the rice paddy field frogs by my house in Bali. It’s still rainy season here, so this is what the evening chorus sounds like when dusk falls. Take a break from today’s activities. Sit back, close your eyes and listen […]

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2017: New Year, New You.

January is back, and with it the screens that yell “new body new you” philosophies from all sides. Here is a sticky, unwashed post-practise affirmation of the following truth: Your body is perfect. Your body is strong, your body is wise, your body is sacred. Your body deserves gratitude, kindness and respect. Capitalism has no business […]

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Announcing: TPRYoga Christmas vouchers – for a limited period only.

TPRYoga Christmas vouchers for our next course are HERE. Would you like to start January 2017 with some yoga? Or have a loved one you’d like to gift? Here’s a simple but beautiful way of doing so. 10 or 5 week vouchers available till the 18th December only (after which I will be out the […]

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A 6 minute meditation for busy people & some sacred rituals for sanity

In the past few months I got a new job, kept two old jobs, took on additional volunteer work and parted ways with my lover. I open with this because it has reminded me of something precious:  times of crisis and transition teach the potency of self care. In times of change these rituals are […]

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Yoga Playlists: the Build-It-Yourself Collection

Hey yogis, Welcome to the much-debated topic of yoga playlists. Let me begin with a nod to the counter-argument: Yes. Absolutely, no doubt: yoga does not require a soundtrack. Your self practise does not need music, nor do group lessons. Some practitioners never ever have music, and I wholeheartedly respect that. My self practise often has no […]

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A love letter to pincha mayurasana.

I am not a patient person. This is a fact in my family.  One of my earliest memories is of my thrifty grandfather handing my sister and me a Lindt chocolate square each, and instructing us “nicht kauen!” (“Don’t chew”). My sister, who is supremely patient, followed instructions.  In contrast I would rapidly demolish said […]

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