What to Expect

I offer a range of styles, sometimes interwoven and sometimes as focussed sessions. In class we practise fluid vinyasa movement, restful yin approaches, mobility practises, in-depth meditations and detailed myofascial release techniques.

There is always poetry and a bangin’ soundtrack. Lessons are joyful, energetic explorations designed to develop the body’s strength and flexibility, while emphasising clean alignment and conscious movement. Expect invitations to move freely (aka mini dance parties), fluid honing of sequences and delicious adjustments (if desired), giving more safety and space in poses.

I am committed to inclusive teaching. This means if class prices are outside your budget, I am always open to instalments or payment via exchange.  This can be a skill swap, an artistic gift, home grown veg, etc. Contact me with your suggestions – I look forward to subverting capitalism with you.


Online Classes 

In our brave new world, I am offering online yoga, movement and meditation classes. ♡

Public classes are on hold for the month of August, but will resume in September.


Weekly Schedule 

Mondays: Private group & One-to-One Classes

Tuesdays: Community Classes with NGOs, refugees and asylum seekers.

Wednesdays: Community & Joy Class, 7PM London time


Other Classes

I also offer

  • yoga for frontline workers & refugee communities
  • young people (aged 12+)
  • one-to-one tuition
  • workplace yoga for your team

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