Class Timetable

What to Expect

I offer a range of styles, sometimes interwoven and sometimes as focussed sessions. In class we practise fluid vinyasa movement, restful yin approaches, mobility practises, in-depth meditations and detailed myofascial release techniques.

There is always poetry and a bangin’ soundtrack. Lessons are joyful, energetic explorations designed to develop the body’s strength and flexibility, hone the mind’s knowledge of active, safe alignment and give you space to feel.

Expect invitations to move freely, fluid honing of sequences and delicious adjustments (if desired), offering more safety and space in poses.

Public Online Classes

Tuesdays: NOW Studio Bristol 07.45 – 08.45

Book Via NOW Studio Bristol

All classes are streamed live via Zoom or available as a recording. Before class, both a Zoom link to the class and a playlist link will be sent to you.

The playlist I share is a Spotify playlist. If you have a Premium account, you can play this list uninterrupted, just make sure Spotify is not on Shuffle.I suggest you connect via a secondary device (e.g. your phone) to an external speaker, so that your laptop audio is only playing yoga class instruction. This way you can control the sound on both.
IF you do not have a Premium account, the playlist will be interrupted by ads and will shuffle randomly. In order to save you being very distracted during class, it may be better to have no music at all (it is not a requirement).

Remember to have some props to hand: yoga blocks, cushions, blankets or pillows all work great. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

I am committed to inclusive teaching. This means if class prices are outside your budget, I am always open to a discount, instalments or payment via exchange.  This can be a skill swap, an artistic gift, home grown veg, etc. Contact me with your suggestions – I look forward to subverting capitalism with you.