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Hey you.

I’m Tam (or Tamara).

I am interested in helping you

  • develop a movement practise that empowers and liberates through joyful exploration.
  • remain in loving recognition, celebration and respect to the deep wisdom of your limbs.
  • comfortably connect to quiet reflection.
  • carry this yoga practise off your mat and into the world, in service to your highest self and those around you.

I do this through teaching yoga and meditation. Broadly speaking I teach vinyasa (‘to place in an intelligent way’) yoga, meaning each class is different. Lessons are joyful, energetic sessions designed to develop the body’s strength and flexibility while emphasising clean alignment and conscious movement.

Expect music, poetry, eye pillows, invitations to move freely (aka mini dance parties) and delicious adjustments (if desired) giving more safety and more space. In studio settings my tuition range is described as Hatha, Dynamic Vinyasa Flow, Meditation and Yin Yoga.

I began practising yoga in my early teens, as a source of exercise while pursuing work related to social justice and languages. While living in Syria in 2010 I noticed that other than the physical benefits, yoga was helping me through tough times by developing my self-discipline, nourishment and sense of perspective.

In 2013 in rural Laos, I began teaching yoga to overworked bomb disposal NGO workers who would never normally wander into a yoga lesson. I particularly enjoyed making the practise approachable to individuals alienated by their perception of yoga (keywords of terror being ‘chakra’, ‘energy’ and ‘zen’). I chose to become a teacher while watching the glimmers of quiet land with such initially reluctant students.

I came back to London to train in dynamic vinyasa flow under the expert eye of Katy Appleton, and have taught yoga classes across London since 2014.

Since then I have trained under Tiffany Cruikshank in combining yoga with myofascial release techniques, (lying on blocks & tennis balls under instruction, aka self-led massage techniques. See this post for more details) and competed an assistantship programme under Katy Appleton, focussing on hands-on-adjustments.

These days I divide my time into working as a refugee advocate and teaching yoga. Sometimes I teach yoga to refugee youth, which is a huge joy.

I chose to found The People’s Republic of Yoga as an inclusive, accessible space welcoming anyone into yoga. I believe that this practise is not a luxury, but a revolutionary, healing approach I want everyone to access who wishes for it. As a result, pricing on classes is listed but I am always open to instalments/adjustments in fees if needed for you. For more details of the Republic’s vibe and principles, see our Manifesto.


Having moved to Berlin in Autumn 2018, classes have begun in Germany. In 2019 workshops in London will be announced. Stay tuned.. © James Phillips.

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