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This ‘manifesto’ is an ever-evolving collection of principles and ideas of what the Republic means, and how it approaches yoga today. Tamara values it as an exercise in noticing what matters to her, personally. What would your yoga manifesto say? Submissions to this one are always encouraged (here).

  • I will never set ‘bikini body’ as  a goal. Because in order to get a bikini body I believe all you need to do is put a bikini on your body.
  • If you have muscles and a skeleton, yoga is for you.
  • Yoga as “a quantum science of love” – Leila Sadeghee
  • I will not quote yogi tea.
  • An honest ego is a healthy body.
  • ‘Touching your toes’ is not a requirement, but a turning point.
  • The magic: inhale – exhale. Repeat.
  • “Commitment to a love ethic transforms our lives by offering us a different set of values to live by. In large and small ways, we make choices based on the belief that honesty, openness and personal integrity need to be expressed in public & private decisions.” – bell hooks

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