This manifesto is an ever-evolving collection of principles and ideas that are the foundation of this Republic we share. Tamara values it as an exercise in returning to the heart of this matter.

What would your yoga manifesto say? Submissions to this one are always encouraged.

Inhale: Begin. Exhale: Again.

Moving the body as a portal to soul work.

This is a safe place to practise remembering and reclaiming what your body often already knows

This is a safe place to be with yourself.

This is a safe place to heal and transform yourself, in order to transform your world.

I choose rest and connection in rebellious response to a modern world that undermines these necessary and sacred practises.

I recognise the political nature of this practise; a way to resource us in challenging injustice and liberating marginalised communities.

I interrupt the rush of daily life as a radical subversion of the capitalist autopilot.

When I choose rest, mindfulness and body connection, I am remembering my inherent, sacred worth, regardless of profit margins, productivity or efficiency.

Choosing rest and nurture is a revolutionary act by marginalised communities in particular. I defer to the brilliance of the Nap Ministry on this topic. Black people, people of colour, working class people, femmes, LGBTQ+ people and migrants are some of the people who have been and are denied rest and safety by our capitalist, patriarchal white supremacist world structures. I believe we are carrying the ripples of this system in our bodies, psyches and that these ripples are in yoga classes with us. In soul work spaces, we acknowledge and challenge these past and present injustices within our spiritual practise and off the mat, in our daily lives.

“Commitment to a love ethic transforms our lives by offering us a different set of values to live by. In large and small ways, we make choices based on the belief that honesty, openness and personal integrity need to be expressed in public & private decisions.” – bell hooks

Yoga is taught in reference to its liberation roots, based on the radical notion that this practise both transforms us, and equips us with the tools to transform our world – in whatever realm you are pursuing justice.

In relationship with ourselves and others, true transformation and healing occurs.

“Love, not judgment, sows the seeds of tranquility and change.” – Danna Faulds

I am committed to inclusive teaching. This means if class prices are outside your budget, I am always open to discounts, instalments or payment via exchange.  This can be a skill swap, an artistic gift, home grown veg, etc. Contact me with your suggestions – I look forward to subverting capitalism with you.

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