Hey, welcome.

In the People’s Republic of Yoga we’ve abolished border structures and are open to all.

In this space we contemplate, move, rest and transform in community. We practise a remembering of what your body already knows. We choose rest and connection in rebellious response to a modern world that undermines these necessary and sacred practises.

Yoga is taught in reference to its liberation roots, as a practise to nurture and feed your transformative impact on your world, in whatever realm you are pursuing social justice.

Hey you.

I’m Tam (or Tamara).

I am interested in supporting you in reclaiming your inherent connection to your body and inner world through a movement and meditation practise.

Often, modern life moves us away from this, but I argue this connection is our natural state. Through meditation and movement, we practise remembering, re-claiming. In this work I draw on, acknowledge and thank the Indian tradition of yoga, that I am blessed and privileged to access in this lifetime.

I chose to found The People’s Republic of Yoga as an inclusive, accessible space welcoming anyone into yoga. I believe that this practise is not a luxury, but a revolutionary, healing approach I want everyone to access who wishes for it. For more details of the Republic’s vibe and principles, see our Manifesto.

These days I divide my time between working as a migrant advocate and teaching yoga. Sometimes I teach yoga to refugee communities, which is a huge joy. You can find details on my history and training here.

After a year teaching in in Berlin I’ve relocated to Bristol, the UK to pursue a Masters on migration. Online classes are live during this pandemic, with in-person sessions planned for the future.