– Anon

“Why do we practice yoga? One reason would have to be to affect positive change in ourselves, to regain the space we so easily loose in the urban jungles we choose to live in. Tamara is a conscious, caring and talented teacher but equally, what I find most engaging, is how she gently reminds us during classes that she’s also a learner herself – renewing, shifting and testing techniques to enhance her practice. This has a great, positive impact in the room. It creates trust and complicity, for as we’re guided through new ways of moving we are also being nudged into being more tolerant, more accepting of our own limitations –  and to keep the energy flowing – to keep breathing, no matter the difficulty – like water bathing sharp stones. As a Latin American living in London, I particularly welcome her playlist! Funky, obscure Latin rhythms mingle and overlap with folk and urban minimalist music. If I were to choose one word to sum up Tamara’s teaching it would be have to be, ‘transformative’.”