“I thought yoga was for people who wanted very gentle “exercise”. Now I think yoga is a sweaty loving bendy grunting adventure with awesome music and an enormous amount of confidence building and reflection.”

“I was always nervous about going to yoga but Tamara has an amazing talent for making sure that everyone in the room gets the most of of the session. Whether you are a novice or experienced you feel like you get your own individual lesson throughout the session. I would highly recommend her classes to anyone at any level.”  – Tor

“TPRYoga classes are unique and authentic. Tam plans out each class to target specific areas of the body and guides you seamlessly from the strenuous parts to the relaxation. She moves slow but in a way that is even more challenging than a fast paced power class, and I find more beneficial. She has a tender heart that welcomes you and makes you feel important in her classes. Her queuing is descriptive and alignment focused which shows her knowledge, and guarantees you are practicing safely. On top of all these lovely characteristics of TPRYoga classes, you will find Tam is bubble of joy and a pleasure to be around. I hope you get to attend her classes, as I would if I weren’t in America.” – Diala

“Tam’s yoga instruction has a brilliant way of balancing technique and alignment with meditation and mental health, without compromising either. Her classes are well thought out and always consider that different people have different bodies that can do different things, making sure there’s always a variation for everyone. She gently challenges you and every week you work on new things that taken together improve your practice in an incremental and balanced way. I leave feeling lighter and healthier every time! Take this class!!!!” -Dana

“As time goes by I realise more and more that Tam’s teaching style and yoga class are incredibly rare and special. When I do a class with Tamara my mind is totally engaged as the class runs seamlessly, building up to a challenging pose before a calming lunar section and the most delicious savasana which includes her handmade organic linseed & lavender eye pillows. She never misses a beat – ever. She plays funky music, urban music, touching music. She puts this wonderfully tingly feeling menthol “china gel” on your shoulders. She reads us poetry!!! She makes me feel that I’ve both had a proper full on work out, but also done something good for my soul too. Perhaps feeling “held in the palm of her hand” is the best way to describe how I feel in her class – you can totally let go and fully trust in this amazing teacher to take you on a 90 minute journey that is just the right amounts of peaceful, challenging and rewarding. In a nutshell – I cannot recommend TPRYoga enough! Do a class!” – April

“For someone incredibly inflexible and new to yoga, Tam was so patient and kind – and yet brutal enough to help me get a level of flexibility I have never achieved before. I can heartedly recommend her classes and look forward to going again more regularly!” – Ben

“Tamara is an outstanding teacher. I always leave her classes feeling at least 80% better than when I went in. The music and space are gorgeous. I would recommend her classes to anyone at any level of yoga.” – Juliet

“Tamara has the ability to make her classes welcoming and accessible for total beginners (me on my first time) and seasoned yogis without either of us falling short of an excellent class. Tamara’s classes are intimate, personal, emotional and challenging. I can feel fragile and strong at the same time. She brings poetry to classes and tells us about how she’s taught yoga to refugee teenagers that week – doing yoga with Tamara is a joy.” – Kate

“I have been doing yoga for about 13 years but have almost exclusively done hot yoga and have always been a bit skeptical about non hot yoga classes and whether I would feel sufficiently worked out to the level I am accustomed to. However, after attending TPR’s yoga classes for the last 2 years I can confidently say I’ve been converted and am so so happy that I have! The instructor, Tamara, is super competent in what she’s doing -knowing how to provide adjustments to students who are at different levels or have different flexibilities. The space is beautiful and serene. The playlists are always amazing and you get to chill in savasana with lavender eye pillows!! For someone who is normally quite critical I’m so so happy I found TPRYoga and would 100% recommend it !!!” – Almira

“Tamara’s speaking voice alone should be enough to bring anyone’s soul, body and spirit into alignment. But as it happens, the contents of Tamara’s lessons hit the perfect and elusive sweet spot that perfectly combines physical and mental practice. I always leave Tamara’s classes having reached a state of relaxation in very few other places.” – Imran

“Tamara’s courses are a complete joy – soothing and strengthening mind, body and soul. The tatami room where classes are held is an oasis of calm in the hustle of the big city, and yogis of all levels are welcomed warmly and accommodated splendidly by Tamara. So many extra nice touches too: fragrant balms, lavender eye pillows, poetry, choons. Highly recommend!” – Viva

“Tamara is a welcoming teacher and cultivates a real sense of community among her students. Her classes are always varied, and accompanied by poetry, quotes and great music. Having made it sound like hippy heaven, I should also mention it’s a powerful work-out and complements my other sports really well. I haven’t found another class in London to beat this.” – Molly

“Tamara’s classes are challenging and nurturing for all levels and always complemented with great music & poetry! Taught in a wonderful space as well.” – Miia

“Tamara is an inspiring teacher. Each class is wonderfully thought out, well presented and (importantly) well focused. Her classes are all that yoga should be – full of joy, self love and sweaty poses. The lengthy and beautifully scented savasanas also add a wonderful quality to the class (and let’s not forget that heavenly China gel!)
Everyone feels welcome and relaxed in Tamara’s classes, where she not only teaches amazingly choreographed yoga, but helps you centre yourself and relieve all stress. I’ve ranted and raved about her course to all my friends and genuinely could not recommend it more. I would give her more stars if I could!” – Lara

“I had such an amazing time at this yoga course! Tamara leads the classes in a warm and welcoming environment that helps the students develop and learn in their own pace. I would highly recommend TPRYoga to anyone!” – Ossi

“Why do we practice yoga? One reason would have to be to affect positive change in ourselves, to regain the space we so easily loose in the urban jungles we choose to live in. Tamara is a conscious, caring and talented teacher but equally, what I find most engaging, is how she gently reminds us during classes that she’s also a learner herself – renewing, shifting and testing techniques to enhance her practice. This has a great, positive impact in the room. It creates trust and complicity, for as we’re guided through new ways of moving we are also being nudged into being more tolerant, more accepting of our own limitations –  and to keep the energy flowing – to keep breathing, no matter the difficulty – like water bathing sharp stones. As a Latin American living in London, I particularly welcome her playlist! Funky, obscure Latin rhythms mingle and overlap with folk and urban minimalist music. If I were to choose one word to sum up Tamara’s teaching it would be have to be, ‘transformative’.”

“I love the space for practice; the candles; the use of props; the intention set for class to focus the mind; the poetry; the Savasana and the expert knowledge of Tamara. The classes feel special and structured to suit all bodies and all people. I have wept in these classes, they have had such a powerful effect on my mind and body and have changed my relationship with my body. I feel re-connected and strong in a powerful way that combines my mind and my physicality. Tamara is truly an expert in her field and a joy to be taught by.”

“I ABSOLUTEY LOVE TPRYoga classes because they heal my mind, body & soul”.

“I feel I’ve achieved a state of “yoga convert” now, and I find myself happily discussing it with friends and colleagues in a persuasive light. I have come to see it as more of an activity that is part of my life than a course I attend on a Monday”.

“Tamara’s classes offer the best of all worlds to the beginner or advanced yogi: a serene space for reflection in an otherwise hectic city, and a precise, but never invasive guidance through the physical aspect of your practice. She manages to seamlessly blend the technical and the meditative, allowing you to slide into that mind/body oneness that is often so difficult to achieve. I started as a TPRYoga convert, and I’m now a serious addict!”

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